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Despite your best efforts or your faith, things aren’t getting better…

You still find yourself struggling emotionally, or you’re worried your marriage won’t survive, or maybe you’re not sure how to handle your teen’s behavioral problems. Whatever the case, chances are you’re feeling discouraged or even hopeless about your situation. We’ve all been there, and sometimes we need help to heal, to grow, and to make our way through life’s challenges. Oakland Hills Counseling Specializes in HOPE! It is our privilege to provide hope and healing for individuals, couples, and families who find themselves in one of these difficult circumstances. We understand that seeking help and finding the right counselor—someone you feel comfortable with—can be a stressful decision. To assist you, we have designed our website to help you quickly get to know us. You will find information on the services we provide, areas of expertise, our staff, our counseling philosophy and values, and a number of online resources. When you are ready, give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions, talk about what you need, and see how we can help.

Who We Are

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Oakland Hills Counseling is a team of dedicated Christian professionals with advanced degrees in counseling and psychology, each licensed by the State of Michigan. We provide child, adolescent, and adult counseling services, as well as a broad range of relationship and mental health related seminars. We are committed to helping individuals, couples and families find practical solutions to the problems and challenges they face.

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Our Mission

“Oakland Hills Counseling exists to provide hope and healing to individuals, couples and families in a compassionate and professional environment.”

-Rob Shive, MA, LPC
Owner, Individual & Marital Therapist

Our Services

Individual Counseling

You never imagined you’d be at this place in life. You’ve tried to make yourself feel better, but things just aren’t changing. You’re weary of struggling, but you’re not sure what to do or where to turn for help. What you do know is that you’re tired of hurting. Maybe you’re having problems in a relationship, or with your spouse, or in your work life. Like most people who visit our website, there is either something you don’t want (like loneliness, anxiety, depression, or conflicts) or there is something you do want (such as healthy relationships, peace of mind, or a new career).


Marriage Counseling

You’re worried that you’ll never be happy again, and you’re tired of feeling like roommates. You feel stuck, and no matter what you’ve tried, nothing seems to help. It seems like you’ve had the same fight a hundred times, and you’re questioning, “How could something that seemed so good and right have turned out so negatively” or “how could we be so in love, and now feel a million miles apart?” And, if the truth be told, you’re beginning to fear that your marriage won’t survive much longer. If you have had some or most of these concerns about your marriage, you’re not alone.


Family Counseling

You’ve tried everything you know to help, but your child continues to struggle. You’ve noticed your daughter seems to be more irritable or withdrawn lately. Or maybe your son is struggling in school or is having a tough time socially. You’ve also noticed there are behavioral problems as well. You’ve found yourself wondering, “Where did that sweet and innocent little child disappear to?” You’re hoping it’s just a phase, but you worry that something deeper could be going on. You’ve thought about talking to your doctor or a professional, but you don’t want to upset him.


Helpful Resources

Helpful Articles

Looking for ideas and insights to help with your marriage or your personal life? How about tips on parenting . . . or maybe ways to grow spiritually. Check out our helpful articles that are written by our team and other experts we trust.


Insightful Books

Hoping to find some expert advice, be encouraged or to be inspired? Take a look at our collection of books to help you with your marriage and intimacy, family and parenting, dating, emotional struggles, recovery work, and spiritual journey.


Counseling Resources

We have created an extensive list of online mental health, counseling, and Christian resources links. We hope they will be helpful to you whether you are considering counseling, have concerns for a loved one or are an existing client.


Our Blog

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