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Marriage Counseling

“I’m so tired of sleeping with our backs to each other…”

Most couples we talk to or who read through this page on marital counseling are feeling the same way you are. They’re feeling pretty hopeless about the future of their relationship. We specialize in Hope, and help couples rekindle the intimacy and passion they once had in their relationship. Our experienced and compassionate therapists help couples identify the underlying causes of problems in their relationship, and work with them to develop the necessary insight and skills to build a healthy and mutually fulfilling relationship.


When you’re ready, give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions, talk about what you need, and learn how we can help.

We know that men are generally less likely to seek out help for marital problems. There are a number of reasons for this, but it often boils down to a man’s concern that he won’t be respected, and that the therapist will align with his wife by agreeing that most of the problems in the marriage are his. We understand his reluctance, and work hard to earn his trust. We encourage each partner to be willing to take responsibility for their contributions to the problems, and thereby create the necessary emotional climate to constructively collaborate to resolve the issues and problems.

With years of experience in successfully helping hundreds of couples work through marital distress, we’ve learned that couples commonly want help with a number of key areas:

  • Improving Communication
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Building Emotional Intimacy
  • Rekindling Passion & Romance
  • Meeting Each Other’s Needs
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Developing Spiritual Intimacy

In crisis? We can help.

We’ve also worked with hundreds of couples who find themselves in the middle of a crisis because of infidelity, repeated threats of divorce or chronic destructive conflict.  We recognize that there may be more serious contributing factors to marital distress, such as abuse, addictions or chronic mental health problems. Restoring trust and hope is often difficult in a crisis.  But, we’ve found that couples appreciate an extra amount of compassion and support in the process of rebuilding their relationship.

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